Helping to rehome Labradors.

The main reasons for Labradors being rehomed are Marriage/partnership breakups, Moving house to rented, Terminal illness,Death of owner, Owners suffering from strokes, Ill health, Emigration, Allergies and Eviction.

Sadly the recession has hit hard and emigration is on the rise.  So too are people who have been made homeless - people who love their Labradors and could never have envisaged being in this situation.

No one can predict the future and not everyone has family or friends who can help someone keep their Labrador.

The vast majority of Labradors being re homed by me are genuine cases of sad changes of circumstances - only a handful are unwanted Labradors.

When we have a Labrador to rehome after spending some time with us so that we can accuratley describe the dogs personality and identify its needs so that he or she is matched to the new family individually to ensure the best possible match. From then on contact is kept with us for the rest of the dogs life with updates and photos etc. Previous owners are also supported by me with updates for what is usually a traumatic time having been forced to give up their beloved Labrador for reasons beyond there control. 

We do not charge to help you rehome your Labrador nor do we charge the new family that have taken them in, however we do ask for a reasonable doantion made payable to "THE CHRISTIE" for Cancer research and a donation to help to cover some of our time and feeding costs is always appreciated.

We usually have Labradors needing homes, however we are never in a rush to rehome them as it is important to us that when they leave us they only go to a suitable new lifetime home.

If you would like to enquire regarding the current or future availability of any of our rescue Labradors that you are interested in helping us to rehome and are sure that your ready for the commitment and possible challenges ahead, then please get in touch and tell us a little about yourself.

Please email us in the first instant.