Welcome to our website Lancashire Labradors, we hope that you will take a look and enjoy some of our photographs which show ... "Its a Lifestyle" 

Hi we are Gary, Jane and Family.

Our Labradors are first and foremost our family pets, members of our family and play a huge part in our life style.
Our Labradors are very gentle and loving characters and are fully trained on the whistle, they have loving, intelligent and biddable personalities. Our Labradors are "FIT FOR PURPOSE" and come from excellent mixed working lines with many FTCH's (Field Trial Champions)in there pedigree's and slight show lines introduced ... They share our lifestyle be it at home, work, the caravan or wherever we are allowing them to do everything that a Labrador enjoys and should be able to do.
Our Labradors are fit, athletic dogs which love to retrieve in water equally as much as on land. They are confident dogs that are happy and capable of jumping hedges, ditches and dry stone walls.

Our Labradors intelligence can be seen with there ability to do a blind retrieve, or one in sight taking a direct route there and the easiest on the return.
I will be only too pleased to give you a demonstration of what a well bred Labrador is capable of if you can put in the time and effort. Ella our daughter who is 15 years old and Alex my sister at 9 years old can demonstrate what a well bred Labrador is capable of, if of course you put in the time and effort needed.
We are not a commercial  Labrador breeder and always put our dogs health, quality of life and happiness first. If our girls have a litter, quality is much more important that quantity. Our aim is to breed responsibly Labrador puppies that will be "FIT FOR PURPOSE" with the qualities that make them easily trained lovable intelligent fit and healthy family pets and companions. We try to combine the best characteristics from mixed working Labrador and show Labrador lines.

When we have Labrador puppies they are lovingly socialized in as many situations as possible both inside and out and reared in our family home. Our Labrador puppies will have travelled in our car and spent time with us at our family business.

If you work full time and initially have too leave home for more than 4 hours at a time we suggest that you discuss this with us and maybe reconsider whether having a Labrador puppy is right for you at this time. Your Labrador puppy will take up lots of your time and will need lots of training, socializing and careful monitoring in the few first few months and into the first year.
We occasionally help to re home Labradors needing a new lifetime home through no fault of there own.
Your time and commitment is far more important than the size of your garden as no matter how much money or how many nice possessions your Labrador doesn't care. They do care how stable you are because being pack oriented, it directly affects them. Dogs do know how comfortable you are with yourself, how happy you are how fearful you are. They cannot tell you, but they know exactly who you are. You can ask a human "Are you happy" and they can mislead you. Then you can look at the dog, your dog cant hide his emotions and its clear if hes not happy. It becomes very obvious by reading a dog, how stable or unstable his human companion is.
Our dogs are our mirrors. Have you looked in yours lately? Feel free to come and look in ours.
 Our daughter who is now 15 loves to take a walk with the girls either on or off the lead. Ella is always actively involved with our dogs including training them both about town and in the field to the whistle and with gunshot. As can be seen in the pictures she is only too happy too help.

Labradors generally get on well with other animals and dogs they do love to please and play ! They need moderate exercise and mental stimulation.

Our girls and Jack are KC registered although I myself am not a lover of the KC and do not always kc register for reasons which I will gladly explain. I think more importantly that they are in good health, fit, happy and very sociable dogs which share with me and our family an active varied family lifestyle as well as having intelligent working capabilities from proven generations of which we have at home three generations of Labradors, Mum, Daughter and her Daughter.
Our girls and their Labrador puppies are brought up with children and animals including dogs, cats, horses and chickens and have fantastic temperaments. They regularly travel in the car and are socialised in different environments such as the caravan, town centres and one of our favorites Cartmel Races.

We are always available and happy to give you a lifetime of ongoing advice along with our own printed puppy sheets which include - key dates, worming, vaccination dates, feeding and diet, puppy environment, socialization, discipline, toilet training, safety and much more.
We love to keep in touch with our puppies and our new friends, seeing pictures and reading stories of how you are all getting on.
If you are interested in helping us to rehome a Labrador, a part trained or fully trained Labrador, or planning for a Labrador puppy you can email or call us almost anytime.
We currently have at home 3 colours of Labradors, which are the Chocolate Labrador Retriever, The Black Labrador Retriever and The Fox Red Labrador Retriever.

When we have Labrador puppies available we can have Chocolate Labrador Puppies, Black Labrador Puppies, Yellow Labrador Puppies and Fox Red Labrador Puppies as Jack and Manny our Labrador Dogs or boys as we like too call them carry all 3 colours.
If you would like any further information, pictures, help or just a chat please feel free too get in touch. 
We are situated 5 1/2 miles off the M6 junction 23 just near Leigh in Lancashire.

You can email us - mail@lancashirelabradors.co.uk or robella@blueyonder.co.uk

Please tell us a little about yourself and family and why you think a Labrador would be an ideal choice.
I have photos on Facebook please feel free for yourself or a family member too add me - Gary Shorrock, but please send a message with your invitation.

Telephone Jane or Gary on 07788 917995 Please note we do not answer withheld numbers.
The best times to catch us are between 6am & 8am or 6pm & 8pm

Thanks Gary or 01942 749000.
Please no withheld numbers.

We will respond to your message as soon as we are able too.

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